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DS Announces Its New Flagship With Spectacular Design

05/14/2018 00:04:25
DS Announces Its New Flagship With Spectacular Design
PSA Group's luxury brand, DS Automobiles, will introduce a range-topping model in 2020 to rival the likes of the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, and Mercedes E-Class

Since it became a standalone brand, DS has been trying to distance itself from Peugeot and Citroën by transforming into a luxury brand with an exclusive design and more premium touches. The arrivals of the new models, such as the DS 7 Crossback and the DS 3 Crossback strengthen the presence of the company in the automotive spectrum, but what DS really needs is a proper flagship model.


DS 8 should arrive sometime in 2020, and it will rival with BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, and the Mercedes E-Class. However, unlike these three, the new jewel of the DS range will not take the shape of a conventional sedan. Instead, the designers at DS are going for a more stylish fastback, which will hopefully have a few things in common with the stunning 2012 Citroen Numero 9 concept we display here.


To make it different, DS has come up with a significantly distinctive rear end design, and it should be more practical thanks to the hatchback layout. Underneath the stylish body, it will have the same EMP2 platform that’s been the base for the new Peugeot 508, which is one of the most attractive models in its class. We should expect a plug-in hybrid setup to join the conventionally powered gasoline and diesel powertrains.


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