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Mad Men 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible for auction!

05/24/2016 13:25:54
Mad Men 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible for auction!
For those who loved Mad Men or simply love great, classic cars we announce about that Don Draper' 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible vehicle is up for auction.

Have you been watching AMC's tv series Mad Men? Well for those who did, you probably still consider Jon Hamm's character a jerk, we do agree with you but you can't deny that Don Draper's 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible is amazing. Only 922 droptop Imperials were manufactured back in 1964, and one of them is this. This land yacht is up for auction, as a part of  “Mad Men” sale. Just like Roger Sterling's Ray-Bans or Draper's copy of Dante Alighieri's Inferno, this Imperial has a big part of the show, and is a Mad Men star. The auction page informed us that there a fewer than 200 vehicles of this model, which means that even without its Hollywood provenience it's a rare vehicle.



What is hiding under its hood? This classic automobile has a 413-cubic-inch V8 wedge mated up to a push-button and three-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission. The vehicle's additional features are something considered a luxury in 1960's: power-steering, power brakes and power windows as well. The roof is electric, and it's been repainted once, 20 years ago from Roman Dark Red to today's California Red. The interior didn't get any changes, the only exception is the carpets.



At Palm Strings in February 2015, a model like this one got sold for only $23.625, but we are pretty sure this one will be sold for a much higher price considering it was a part of such a popular tv show, the auction is starts on June 1 and runs through June 15.


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